• Thu. May 25th, 2023

93pc Pakistanis condemn May 9 incidents, 80pc demand strict action against vandals

KARACHI: An overwhelming majority of Pakistan nationals strongly condemned the violent incidents of ransacking army installations, desecrating martyrs’ monuments and damaging public properties following the arrest of PTI chairman Imran Khan on May 09. Besides, they also demanded from the government to take punitive action against the perpetrators of the May 9 mayhem.

As per the findings of Ipsos Pakistan survey conducted from May 18 to May 21, 2023, and participated by 1,000 respondents across the country, as many as 93 percent of the respondents strongly condemned the attacks on army and public properties.

In addition, 80 percent of the survey respondents urged the government to take strict action against vandals. However, 10 percent suggested to let arrested attackers go after giving them warning while as many respondents appealed to release the attackers after giving them lenient punishments.

To a question if May 9 attacks were made through a planned scheme, six out of ten Pakistanis (56 percent) believed that the attacks were made through an organized scheme.

Answering a question asking how PTI workers and leaders should respond on the May 9 incidents, 50 percent of the survey respondents demanded from the PTI leadership to strongly condemn the incident. However, 37 percent advised PTI to demand for a transparent investigation of the incidents while 7 percent recommended PTI to maintain silence.

To a question asking who was the most responsible for the May 9 incidents, 31 percent held the government responsible while 24 percent put onus on PTI for resorting to violent reaction. Interestingly, 17 percent held themselves and public responsible, 3 percent foreign powers, 3 percent social media and 2 percent held judiciary responsible for May 9 mayhem. However, 6 percent did not reply to the question.

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