• Fri. May 26th, 2023

Amir Mir flays Imran for accepting $534,000 in name of ‘May 9 martyrs’

LAHORE: Caretaker Minister for Information Aamir Mir, while advising Imran Khan to die of shame, has said that Lalchi Khan has accepted to receive $534,000 as aid from the Pakistani American community for the 25 so-called martyrs of May 9 incident.

Aamir Mir asked Imran Khan to provide the list of 25 so-called martyrs of PTI in whose name he had collected 534,000 dollars as aid. This foreign funding will also be used to spread chaos and disorder like on May 9, Aamir Mir said. He further said that on May 9, the Punjab Police were banned from using weapons so that there was no bloodshed. The claim of 25 deaths of PTI men is the biggest lie in recent history, Amir Mir said. He also said that the Punjab government strongly rejects the propaganda on social media that a reference was being filed by the government against Justice Ijaz Buttar, the judge of the Lahore Anti-Terrorism Court. The spokesperson said the propaganda being done on social media in this regard was false and baseless and there was no truth in it and the main purpose of this false propaganda was to create misunderstandings between the government and judiciary.

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