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Call for fair probe into May 9 violence


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LAHORE: Tanzeem Islami ameer Shujauddin Shaikh has said violent actions, atrocities and violation of sanctity of Chadar and Chardiwari lead to violent outbursts like that of May 9. Addressing a gathering at Quran Academy here on Friday, he lamented, “in fact, our country has fallen victim to anarchy. On the one hand, the opposition on May 9 subjected everything to violence, and on the other hand the government itself and the law enforcement agencies blatantly violated the laws of land.” Shuja said workers of political parties must understand that if they rampaged on the state property it would be a loss of their own country. He demanded a fair and transparent inquiry into the tragedy of May 9, adding that the country, the people and the state institutions can’t afford the clash of institutions. He said Pakistan’s military and defence capabilities are vitally important and a blessing in view of its special importance in the region and the possible future scenario. He said the state has the status of a mother, and demanded state institutions to take legal action against the real culprits of May 9 violence but no victimisation must be committed against any individual or group or any action contrary to the Constitution and law. He said holding elections is inevitable so that peaceful atmosphere could be restored at the earliest. He said current economic crises, social destruction and political corruption are the result of systematic deviation from enforcing Islam. He said the real security of Pakistan and prosperity depend upon implementation of Islam. Unless the ideology of Pakistan is practically implemented, the security of the country will always be at risk.

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