• Thu. May 18th, 2023

Charli XCX excites fans with ‘new era’ of music


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Charli XCX excites fans with new era of music

Charli XCX’s music career is set to move into a new era.

Speaking to People, the singer shared about what fans can expect from her new music and added that she has “no regrets” on her sound evolution.

“It is the start of a new era. It’s one that I’ve been dying to do. It’s the most pop record I’ve ever made. I’m completely giving my soul away with this record,” she said.

“This album has been something that I’ve wanted to make for a couple of years now and I’ve been speaking about it and slowly piecing it together for a few years,” she said, adding that the record is “the most polished thing that I’ve done.”

“It’s a transformation,” she adds.

“I want to emerge from this more powerful and more myself than ever before. It’s almost the opposite of How I’m Feeling Now in the way I’ve made it.”

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