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Demi Lovato exposes hard-earned truth about gender identity

Demi Lovato exposes hard-earned truth about gender identity

American singer Demi Lovato believed spirituality to be important to their non-binary identity. The 29-year-singer said their non-binary identity is something to be revered as it is part of their spiritual side.

Demi Lovato expressed views about their non-binary identity during the new episode of 4D with Demi Lovato, as they hosted Bretman Rock, a beauty influence person on social media.

Both of them continued to discuss their non-binary identity during most of the programme’s duration. “I personally believe that when I came to a sense of feeling spiritually balanced in my divine feminine and my masculine side, that’s when I was like ‘yeah, I’m non-binary,” Demi said.

“To me, it’s a spiritual thing. It’s not even necessarily a gender thing.”

Bretman Rock told they were encouraged to embrace their identity as they grew up. However, Demi Lovato did not have the experience to cherish as they said it was a less accepting community where they grew up. Demi, however, said they came to accept their new identity and that it is something that should be loved and respected.

“People don’t always understand because we’re so forced and programmed to look at somebody and identify them as what we see,” they pointed out. “We have both masculine and feminine energy inside of us all.”

Agreeing with Demi Lovato, Bretman Rock said they also feel non-binary because their “spirit is too different” as they feel they have “two souls” inside of them, both male and female.

“I feed both of them equally,” Bretman explained. “Sometimes my masculine side comes over me more and I go to the gym. Sometimes my feminine side comes over and it’s a full face of makeup. Ultimately, they both live in me.”

After the programme was over, Demi Lovato took to their Instagram account and lavished praise on Bretman Rock, calling them a “kindred spirit” and expressing joy for having “so much in common” with each other.

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