• Thu. May 25th, 2023

Doctors remove Vodka bottle from Nepal man’s stomach

(Representation) A doctor operating a surgery.— Pexels
(Representation) A doctor operating a surgery.— Pexels

In a strange incident, doctors in Nepal had to remove a Vodka bottle from a 26-year-old man’s stomach, local media reported.

During a medical checkup, health practitioners discovered a Vodka bottle inside Nursad Mansuri of Nepal’s Gujara Municipality after he visited a clinic complaining of abdominal pain, media reports said on Friday.

He was immediately admitted to a hospital around a week ago. After undergoing a  two-and-a-half hour-long surgery, the bottle was finally extracted successfully.

“The bottle had ripped apart his intestine, causing leakage of faeces and swelling of his intestines, but now, he is out of danger,” a doctor was quoted as saying by India Times.

Police believe Nursad’s friend might have forced the bottle into his stomach after getting intoxicated. While it is not confirmed, it is suspected that the object was forced inside via the rectum, which was fortunately unharmed. 

A man named Sheikh Shamim was detained by the local police in connection with the incident. The police questions some other friends of the victim as well.

Shamim was arrested based on suspicions after Chandrapur Local Police Office conducted an investigation. Bir Bahadur Budha Magar, the Superintendent of Police of Rautahat, said in a statement that the rest of the man’s companions had gone missing. The investigation is ongoing.

“A few of Nursad’s other friends are at large and we are searching for them,” said the Superintendent of Police, Bir Bahadur Budha Magar of Rautahat.

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