• Mon. May 22nd, 2023

Ex-CM Buzdar’s principal secretary suspended

ISLAMABAD: The Establishment Division has suspended Tahir Khursheed, Principal Secretary to the former chief minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar.

A notification dated 12th May, available with The News states, “Tahir Khursheed, a BS-21 officer of Pakistan Administration Service, presently posted as OSD Establishment Division, is placed under suspension, initially for a period of one hundred and twenty days (120), with immediate effect, in terms of rule 5 of the Civil Servants (Efficiency and Discipline) Rules, 2020.”

Earlier, The News had reported that the NAB was keenly focusing on the alleged corruption of Usman Buzdar and his key staff members during his tenure, as the bureau had approached the Establishment Division to get hold of Tahir Khursheed who had fled the country following a probe.

A letter was written to the secretary Establishment Division on 3rd April reflecting how the NAB Lahore requested the former to direct Tahir Khursheed to appear before its combined investigation team to record his plea.

“The bureau is conducting a subject inquiry against Tahir Khursheed, ex-secretary C&W Department, into the allegations of misuse of authority in the award of tenders to the favorite contractors, acceptance of kickbacks in transfers and postings and subsequent accumulation of assets beyond means,” reads the letter.

The News had also reported that the prime minister had approved proceedings against the officer under Efficiency and Disciplinary rules (E&D rules) whereas the NAB was also considering getting him declared a proclaimed offender if he did not appear before it.

Popularly known as TK, Tahir Khursheed is wanted by the NAB Lahore in an inquiry of assets beyond means but he has been missing for the last four months, government sources claim.

It was found that Tahir Khursheed had gone for Umra in November 2022 but never reported back to the Establishment Division.

The Establishment Division was told that despite being under probe, Tahir Khursheed had left Pakistan without permission from the bureau.

However, it was found that the officer, who was presently an OSD with the Establishment Division, had left for Umra in last November with the permission of the Establishment Division. However, he never reported back even after a lapse of one-month leave.

It is claimed by government sources that the officer has instead landed in the UK. However, it was not confirmed by the independent sources where the officer was right now.

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