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‘Game of Thrones’ the Waif remembers ‘horrible’ response

Game of Thrones the Waif remembers horrible response
‘Game of Thrones’ the Waif remembers ‘horrible’ response

Game of Thrones mania has not left the Waif, played by Faye Marsay, untouched, as she received a barrage of hate for her character.

Speaking to The Independent, the 36-year-old said, “After Thrones came out, there was quite intense backlash at one point. Just because of the character I played.”

“[The fans] hated her. Because Maisie’s character was, like, the one — and there I am, hitting her with a stick.”

The McMafia actor had to forcibly quit social media after the negativity failed to be contained.

“Social media can be a brutal tool, and we all know it,” she added, having starred in a 2016 Black Mirror episode all about the extremes of social media. “Look at the mental health crisis that young people are going through right now — that’s not just because of the pandemic or teenage angst!” she added.

However, another widely-despised character Joffery Baratheon, played by Jack Gleeson, surprisingly remained harmless from fans’ vitriol.

As he revealed at the Game of Thrones fan convention in December 2022, “I’ve never had any negative fan experiences or anything.”

“A lot of people come up to me because I guess this rumor started that people were horrible to me on the street or I get attacked… whereas I’ve never had one negative experience,” adding, “I feel like people are extra nice to me because they think people attack me, so maybe I should keep the rumor going.”

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