• Wed. Mar 15th, 2023

Indian woman beaten brutally by former in-laws

Woman tied, beaten by in-laws in Rajkot India — TOI

A woman in Galgotdi village of India’s Rajkot area was brutally beaten by her former in-laws for asking them to take care of her four children as her husband died four years ago in a car accident.

The woman, identified as Bhanu Sadhamia (35) was reportedly dragged by the hair and tied to a pillar, and later tortured by her the family of her dead husband. The perpetrators also chopped her off with scissors.

As per a report published by Times of India, Bhanu was left with four children — two sons and two daughters — all between 6-12 years of age, after her husband’s death. However, she remarried another man named Kaya Sadhmiya one and a half years ago.

The incident occurred when Bhanu went to her former in-laws’ house to meet her former sister-in-law Ghugna Hikabhai, who lost her temper as soon as she saw Bhanu.

This turned into an altercation between Bhanu and others at home after which they subjected her to torture. It was Bhanu’s ex-mother-in-law who rescued her and informed her father about the matter.

Later, Bhanu’s father took her to a nearby hospital.

DSP Amreli division JP Bhandari told that all two of the perpetrators have been arrested, and the other two will be nabbed soon.

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