• Sun. May 21st, 2023

Latest profit rates on Behbood, Defence and Special Savings certificates

ISLAMABAD: National Savings schemes profit rates have been slashed by the government. The new profit rates would be effective from November 1, 2019.

Below you can find the latest profit rates on National Savings Schemes that include Defence Saving Certificate, Behbood Savings Certificates, Regular and Special Certificates, Special Savings, Pensioner Benefit Accounts and Shuhada Family Welfare Account.

Savings Scheme Cut in Profit Rate New Profit Rate Previous Profit Rate
Defence Saving Certificate 2.33  10.68  13.01 
Behbood Savings Certificates 2.28  12.48  14.76 
Regular  Savings Certificates 2.04  10.92 12.96 
Special Savings 1.77  11.13  12.90 
Pensioner Benefit Accounts 2.28  12.48  14.76

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