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Lil Durk gets honest about Gunna ‘treachery’


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Lil Durk gets honest about Gunna treachery
Lil Durk gets honest about Gunna ‘treachery’

Lil Durk is making a bold claim against Gunna as he accused him of “ratting” on Young Thug in the YSL RICO case.

Stopping by on DJ Akademiks Off the Record podcast, the Okay rapper said, “You should have went in there and kept your mouth closed,” adding, “I never unfollowed him [on Instagram],” pointing to Gunna.

“I don’t know why I didn’t. I just don’t take Instagram and all that type s***t serious. But if you a rat, you a rat. If you rewind the clip a little bit, I looked into the camera and I told you, if you a rat, I ****** hate you. Because I love Thug,” the 30-year-old added.

On the other hand, the Heatin Up rapper dismissed the rumours of his collaboration with the authorities in the YSL RICO case.

“While I have agreed to always be truthful, I want to make it perfectly clear that I have NOT made any statements, have NOT been interviewed, have NOT cooperated, have NOT agreed to testify or be a witness for or against any party in the case and have absolutely NO intention of being involved in the trial process in any way,” Gunna wrote in a statement about his plea deal.

Last May, Young Thug was arrested by the authorities, accusing him of running a street gang, YSL or Young Slime Life, which violated the Georgia criminal racketeering law and was involved in gang violence.

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