• Wed. May 24th, 2023

Long-lost siblings reunited

KARTARPUR: Emotions flowed and hugs were exchanged as long-lost siblings from India and Pakistan reunited at the Kartarpur Corridor on May 22. The almost unbelievable meeting happened, thanks to social media, Indian media reported.

The brother-sister had separated during the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947. It was only after they found out through a social media post that they were siblings, that the meeting happened.

81-year-old Mahendra Kaur from India met her 78-year-old younger brother, Sheikh Abdul Aziz, in the Kartarpur Corridor. Kaur was visibly overwhelmed as she met her brother, repeatedly hugged her brother and kissed his hands. The family of Sardar Bhajan Singh from the Indian side of Punjab was tragically torn apart when Aziz relocated to Azad Jammu and Kashmir while his other family members remained in India. Aziz, who married at a young age, never stopped longing to reunite with his parents and other family members. The two families discovered that Mahendra and Aziz were indeed siblings. This was made possible through a social media post detailing the separation of a man and his sister during the Partition. After the reunion, the families also visited Gurdwara Darbar Sahib in Kartarpur together, sitting side by side and sharing a meal.

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