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Mammoth-size golden eagle dies


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LAHORE: Valued at over Rs150 million, a mammoth-size female Mongolian golden eagle, named as Regent Empress of Asia, expired at the East Continental Falconry & Aviary (ECFA) Pakistan two days back, said a news release, issued here on Sunday.

According to Dr Fraz Mian, a spokesperson for the falconry, sudden death of the extraordinarily giant bird was suspected of being caused by the Paramyxo virus attack. Avian veterinarians believe the virus affects the wild and domestic birds, and damages their digestive, nervous and respiratory systems, leading to their death eventually, he explained in the release.

The spokespersons said the 14 to 18 months old regal bird belonged to Aquila Crysaetos family of Accipitridae, commonly known as golden eagle. The bird was adequately capable of diving at a speed of up to 320 km/hour – glide at a speed of over 190 km/hour, with a horizontal speed of over 127 km/hour. Golden eagles are known for their agility, speediness and the strident snatching talons.

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