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Police ready to shift GHQ attack case to Pak Army


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ISLAMABAD: Police have prepared to shift investigation and suspects in cases registered under the Army Act to the Pakistan Army and completed spadework in this regard.

Well-placed sources told The News here on Thursday that the first case to be tried under the Army Act and the Secret Act was related to assault on the GHQ last week. The accused implicated in the case would be handed over to the army unit concerned. Former provincial minister Raja Basharat and PTI leader Khalid Jadoon are among the accused. The sources said 225 suspects were apprehended in 18 cases registered for an attack on the GHQ. An Article under the Army Act would be added to case number 708/23 registered in the RA Bazaar Police Station of Rawalpindi, adjacent to the GHQ. No new case will be required for registration under the Army Act.

The GHQ invasion case was registered on the complaint of Sub-inspector Muhammad Riaz. The Anti-Terror Act’s (ATA) Section 7 has also been inserted in the FIR. Six suspects had been arrested on the spot by police. All requisite procedures have been completed for handing over investigations and the accused to the Pakistan Army. Other cases numbering 17 would also be tried under the Army Act, the sources said. The authorities concerned have acquired the services of the best police officers known for their skill regarding the process of prosecution. It is yet to be decided that the cases would be heard in open courts or closed doors. The decision would be taken by the administration, keeping in view the law and order situation.

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