• Mon. May 22nd, 2023

Pre-carnival celebrations at peak in world’s biggest carnival

Brazil’s grandest carnival, also known as the world’s biggest festival will begin officially on 9th February and end on 13th February. For now the place is abuzz with pre-carnival celebrations that are in itself a huge attraction for visitors. Rio Carnival draws an estimated $ 1 billion in revenues every year.

The carnival spirit keeps the whole country in a festive mood but Rio De Janerio is considered as the capital of the carnival. It attracts large number of crowds including the locals and foreign. Samba dancers and elaborate costumes are what make up a significant part of the carnival.

Rio Carnival dates back to ancient Romans and Greeks who were known to hold celebrations of Spring. People wore marks, paid thanks and danced in streets to welcome the Spring season.

The carnival has evolved over the years, garnering visitors from across the world. Every street in major cities has a band that sings, plays drum and marches on a pre-determined route and are always surrounded by groups of enthusiastic revelers in vibrant costumes.

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