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PTI draws attention to ‘threats’ to ex-federal minister Murad Saeed’s life

PTI leader and former minister of communications Murad Saeed addresses a press conference in Islamabad. — PID
PTI leader and former minister of communications Murad Saeed addresses a press conference in Islamabad. — PID

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leadership on Tuesday drew attention to what it claims are threats to party leader Murad Saeed’s life, highlighted in a letter Saeed wrote to President Arif Alvi.

A day back, PTI leader Saeed sent a letter to President Alvi, apprising him of receiving life threats by “suspicious persons”. The former federal minister shared details of stalking and threats he is purportedly receiving, in the letter.

“Through the instant letter, the undersigned craves your kind and gracious indulgence into a matter of grave, crucial and optical nature pertaining to the [Saeed] and his fundamental rights guaranteed under the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 (The Constitution)” the letter stated.

Imran Khan urges CJP to take notice

Sharing the letter in a tweet, PTI Chairman Imran Khan appealed to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the letter’s content.

“After what happened to Arshad Sharif despite his writing to the President about the life threats he was facing, I would urge the CJP to take notice of this before it is too late,” Khan wrote.

He also referred to the “worst form of human rights abuses” in the case of PTI Senator Azam Khan Swati that lacks “intervention from the judiciary”.

Arshad Sharif’s murderers want to harm Saeed: Fawad

Meanwhile, PTI Senior Vice President Fawad Chaudhry also reiterated that Saeed has been “receiving threats for several months”.

“In one instance, local terrorists were tasked to kill Saeed,” Fawad mentioned, saying that the former has informed President Alvi about the threats.

He also referred to slain journalist Arshad Sharif’s case saying that Saeed and Arshad had close links.

“Those who martyred Arshad Sharif also want to cause harm to Murad as well,” he claimed.

Asad Umar seeks President Alvi’s directives against threats

Moreover, PTI Secretary General Asad Umar expressed hope that President Alvi will issue directives to make every possible effort to avert the threats indicated by Saeed in his letter.

“Murad Saeed is a young man fighting the case of Pakistan with logic, reason and passion, and is an asset to the country,” Umar wrote.

Saeed’s letter to president

Referring to the murder of senior Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif, Saeed pointed out that the slain journalist’s concerns of similar nature were “miserably disregarded” and not taken seriously despite his letter to the president.

“As a consequence, Pakistan lost a loyal and patriotic citizen and a most capable investigative journalist,” he stated.

The letter included references to incidents like the Madina mosque, the consequent registration of several “false” cases against Saeed and the “threats” he and his family have been receiving since the unrest in Malakand division in July.

“After that, the series of threats to my family started. I was asked to move the family several times, but due to faith in Allah and love for our soil, I did not do so until today and gave a clear message that we live and die on this soil. Since August, till now, I was not only informed by the local police but also told to cancel my visit to Dir and Bajaur several times.”

Saeed also referred to the suspicious activity around his house in Islamabad while he was conducting an awareness campaign for peace in Malakand.

“On the night of August 18, at 2 o’clock, armed men in plain clothes came to my house in my absence,” he said. “Till date, I have not been able to know which law enforcement agency they belonged to or if they were criminals. I called my friends for help, [and] when they came, the armed men escaped.

“These armed men fled towards the Red Zone where there is a police check post. They were allowed to pass.”

Saeed claimed in the letter that he also applied for the registration of a case and requested access to the recordings of Red Zone cameras, but no action was taken.

“The police not only refused to issue the diary number but also to return the application,” he said.

Instead of taking action, the police said “there are orders from above and nothing can be done”, he added.

Furthermore, Saeed also highlighted and questioned the “constitutionality, validity, reasonability and legitimacy of the acts” of the federal government and its officials.

He expressed hope that this time these concerns will not be ignored. 

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