• Sat. May 27th, 2023

Punjab Police dismiss 16 personnel for celebrating Imran’s release

ISLAMABAD: The Punjab government has dismissed 16 police personnel for celebrating the release of PTI chief Imran Khan following his arrest on May 9.

According to the Arab News report, one official belonging to the Punjab Highways patrolling police of Faisalabad region was the first example who was removed from the service for celebrating the release of the PTI chief by the Supreme Court. He wasn’t alone who faced sacking but three other officials of the same patrolling police and about a dozen personnel of the Punjab Police were shown the door for their jubilation on the release of Imran Khan. The removed officials have disputed the contention of the authorities by claiming that they weren’t rejoicing the release of Imran but felt happy that they would be off the hook from the pastoring duty where every one of the force was in bad shape due to perpetual and massive use of sticks, stones and tear gassing.

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