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Sonakshi Sinha recalls turning down Kareena Kapoor’s role in ‘Udta Punjab’

Sonakshi admits calling director Abhishek Chaubey after the release of Udta Punjab
Sonakshi admits calling director Abhishek Chaubey after the release of ‘Udta Punjab’

Sonakshi Sinha, in one of her interviews, recalled the time when she turned down a role in Udta Punjab.

During an interview in 2018, Sonakshi unveiled that she was offered to do Kareena Kapoor’s Udta Punjab role, but she rejected the offer.

Despite not being a part of the film, the Dabangg actress claimed that she absolutely loved the movie and also admitted calling director Abhishek Chaubey and the member of the team to praise their work after the release.

Produced by Anurag Kashyap, Udta Punjab featured Kareena in the role of doctor and an activist running a rehabilitation center.

When the film became a target to controversy in 2016 by the censor board, Sonakshi came forward in support and wrote on Twitter: “I really don’t know what #UdtaPunjab should be renamed to… But the Censor Board can surely consider the name #UdtaMazaak.”

Where Sonakshi Sinha regrets rejecting the role, there are some social media users who believe that nobody would have played the role better than Kareena Kapoor, reports News 18.

“Kareena’s role required a very understated performance which should not fail to leave an impact. Shahid and Alia went through a physical transformation and played with accents. “

“Their characters also had all the sympathies too, but still we remember Dr. Preet. Kareena didn’t let anyone overshadow her but if it was Sonakshi, I’m afraid she would’ve gotten lost in the crowd”, wrote one social media user. 

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