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Summer heat takes toll on health of pets


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Islamabad: Pakistan is 5th country in the world that is most affected by the Climate Change. With the soaring temperature with each passing year, both humans and animals are affected by the intense heat waves in summers. To beat the heat, the people go out in parks for their evening strolls as well as spend more time outdoors doing summer activities.

The children indulge in sports like cricket, football, skating and swimming in the evening to spend their summers with their friends. In summers, the humidity ratio starts from 60% and reaches up to 85%, which makes it really difficult for everyone to cope up, especially for those who have severe asthmatic attacks. The humidity in these months takes its toll on domestic pets because they suffer a lot in these humid weather because of their heavy coats. Dogs if kept outdoors in kennels or homemade houses should be kept in hygienic conditions as well as be kept clean so that they are not attacked by fleas and ticks which multiply in humid weather. These ticks are very painful and they suck blood and make the pets anaemic and feeble.

Any wound on dog or cats should be treated immediately otherwise there is a severe infection or tick infestation which is very painful for the cats and dogs. Mould is yet another problem in rainy days, which makes the pets sick if their houses or kennels are not properly cleaned after rains. Pet houses should be properly ventilated as it is necessary for the elimination of moulds and mildew, especially if their kennels are made of wood. Most of the veterinarians suggest shaving off the pet and leaving one inch hair on their body to combat the summers. Though yearly vaccinations are must for all the pets but de-worming vaccinations are must in these months so that they don’t get any ticks or worms. Their body temperature rises with the rising temperature and they have more risk of heat strokes than humans. If people cannot take their dogs and cats for shaving to veterinarians, they have already started services for grooming and shaving at home. Faizan a local vet while speaking to this scribe said that while walking with them, never exert the dog. Only take your dog for his/her walks early morning and late evening once the sun has set so that their paws don’t get burnt.

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