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Vawda explains how May 9 attacks planned, executed

ISLAMABAD: The law enforcement agencies have concrete evidence including voices notes, voice cuts and the record of digital communication on how the PTI leadership coordinated and planned the attacks on military installations particularly the General Headquarters (GHQ), Jinnah House and other government buildings, claims the former PTI leader and Federal Minister Faisal Vawda.

In a telephonic interview with The News, former federal minister Faisal Vawda claimed that apart from GHQ and other sensitive military installations, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) headquarters was also planned to be attacked. The directions were coming from the second tier of PTI leadership and the party workers were provoked through an organized and well-planned strategy by the PTI leadership, he said.

“You have to understand how it works. How the PTI launches propaganda campaigns on social media. They strategize and create a scenario on any particular issue. Then the directions are passed through party leadership down to the gross root level. For example, if the party leadership takes a decision on any issue, it will be passed on to Shah Mehmood Qureshi or Asad Umar. They will then send the scenario to Arsalan who will pick it up from there and spread it through the network on social media”, claimed Vawda. He further claimed that a PTI leader holding a key position would be found involved in the May 9 saga with the third or fourth-tier leadership when the investigation is concluded.

“There were two ministers in Imran Khan’s cabinet who were always willing to replace Khan and conspired against him. Both the ministers sent secret reports to the then Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa. Later their conspiracies were revealed to Imran Khan and to the entire cabinet. I exposed both the ministers in front of the entire cabinet. Even the media had reported that incident when I shouted at both the ministers in the meeting”, informed Faisal Vawda. “In the second year of Imran Khan’s government, two ministers of the Imran Khan government sent reports to General Bajwa and said Imran Khan will destroy the country if the military doesn’t replace him. Later when these reports were brought before the Cabinet both of them denied writing the reports because they were unsigned”, claimed Vawda.

Faisal Vawda further informed that there is a ‘very special’ adviser is among three snakes in Imran Khan’s close circles who have vested interests adding that the special one has interests even in Al Qadir University Trust. “As a minister, I warned Imran Khan not to go ahead with the Al Qadir Trust case as it will put him into trouble because it was a clear-cut NAB case. But no one heard me at that time”, he said.

Talking about Shahzad Akbar’s role in the NCA deal and Al Qadir Trust case, Vawda said Shahzad Akbar picked up known corrupt people from government departments and appointed them. “After Imran Khan was ousted from the government, I convinced General Bajwa to hold a meeting with Imran Khan. General Bajwa agreed to meet President Arif Alvi and resultantly a meeting was held between them in the Presidency. But President Arif Alvi stabbed me in the back by asking General Bajwa not to interact with Vawda because he doesn’t have any authority in the party”, commented Vawda.

According to sources, the ‘very special’ advisor in Imran Khan’s circle is deeply involved in the May 9th incident of attacks on sensitive military installations. It is important to note here that Faisal Vawda has also pointed out the role of former DG ISI General Faiz Hameed in his press conference on Wednesday and abused him during the presser.

When asked how the courts are granting bail to PTI leaders despite their alleged involvement and coordination in the attacks on sensitive military installations, Vawda said he doesn’t want to comment on the judiciary’s role.

The News contacted General Faiz Hameed’s brother Najaf Hameed to know if the former DG ISI wanted to comment on Faisal Vawda’s allegations. General Faiz Hameed’s brother said he would ask him if he wanted to respond to the allegation and inform this scribe but he didn’t attend this scribe’s call after that.

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